The Top Six Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica (2019)

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The Top Six Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is located in Limon Costa Rica on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a beach lover’s place. Investing in Real Estate in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica southeast, not only offers the opportunity for capital gains as the property appreciates in value and cash flow through rental income, it can also serve as a hedge against inflation over the long term as property values tend to rise along with the general level of prices and economic growth in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica.

6 Reasons to invest in Puerto Viejo Real Estate

  1. Costa Rica has a stable economy, and what I mean by this is that there is no social unrest. There is low poverty in relation to several other destinations.
  2. Puerto Viejo Costa Rica, crime rate is under control.
  3. Proximity to the United States, it takes less time flying to Costa Rica than driving from Orlando to New York.
  4. Lower cost of air travel, most major carriers fly into Costa Rica, and as such the airlift is frequent, and round trip tickets average US$400 (including tax) from Florida.
  5. Cost of living in Puerto Viejo is much lower than most destinations in Costa Rica.
  6. Properties continue to realize steady and rapid appreciation in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica.

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